Selling Guide

Our Plan of Action and What You Can Expect

  • Full attention to the marketing and sale of your property
  • Regular communication with you
  • Seven day a week accessibility
  • Full financial pre-approvals
  • Effective negotiation for our clients
  • Market evaluation (CMA) at regular intervals, with area forecast updates
  • "Just Listed"/ introduction flyers to site area (as per home owner request)
  • Full walk through from Firm Offer to Purchase
  • Distribution to lawyers
  • Listed on MLS®
  • Halifax herald ads
  • Royal LePage Atlantic Website
  • Public weekend open house & agent open houses with advertisements
  • Full Professionally done photos and virtual tours
  • Full coverage
  • Sign on property
  • Full colour highlight sheets
  • Social Media Exposure
  • SNAP HALIFAX AD (12,000 copies distributed)
  • Eastlink Real estate network exposure
  • Complimentary home staging consult

In return for the confidence you are placing in men, by marketing your property, I pledge to you the following service commitment:

  • A "For Sale" sign will be place on your front yard to advertise your home.
  • I will hold open houses on agreed dates, and will issue that feature sheets describing the features of your home.
  • Brochures will be distributed to homes in your neighbourhood, so that your neighbors can spread the word to friends who may be looking for a home in your area.
  • Regular advertisements will be placed in appropriate publications to publicized the strong selling points of your home.
  • I have excellent sources of Primary and Secondary financing, with very competitive rates, and fast services on mortgage approvals.
  • I will keep you informed on all aspects of the marketing your home and actively seek input from you on the sales process.
  • Last but not least, I will offer my unique enthusiastic promotions of your home, to assist in the prompt sale at a fair market value.

As your Royal LePage Atlantic professional, I am 100% committed to providing the best possible service to all of my clients. If you are not completely satisfied, you may terminate the balance of the listing at anytime by giving written notice to my company. We also ask that you allow us to use the opportunity to correct any difficulties within a 24 hour period.

MLS® stands for "Multiple Listings Service". This is describes the system that the local governing Real Estate Board uses to publicize your home.

Newly listed properties are entered into the MLS® system once a new listing agreement has be signed. This is then downloaded to where everyone looking for a home can visit and view your home. Each week a smaller publication, the “Home Guide”, is distributed advertising the new listings for that week. This booklet is not only distructed to REALTORS®, but is free to the public.

The benefit of the MLS® system is information sharing. All of the Real Estate Agents now have immediate access to information on your home at their findertips. They can, in turn, pass this information onto their client. The successful SALE of your home!

For a Buyers point-of-view MLS® is a time saving device. The MLS® website ( sorts MLS® listings by the buyers criteria, area the city, and then by price within that area. There is also a corresponding map for those who may not be familiar with the city. You will know which houses will meet your criteria before you make an appointment to see them. It is then only a matter of charm and comfort as you will already have the facts

Each home listing on MLS® has photos and a detailed description of the property– this is called a “Cut Sheet”. A key to the information provided on the Cut Sheet, explaining the terminology, is provided on the next page...

Market Value

The highest price estimate, in terms of money, which a property will bring if exposed for sale in the open market allowing reasonable time to find a buyer who purchases it with knowledge of the uses to which it is adapted and for which it is capable of being used.


It is referred to as the price a willing seller would sell for, and a willing buyer would buy for; neither being abnormal pressure.

REALTORS® typically price a home on the basis of three or more “comparables” which is similar to properties which have recently sold.

REALTORS® then adjust the price for distinct features of the house and property in question, considering: condition, age, size, etc. and the level of competition in terms of other homes for sale nearby. In the end, the REALTOR® recommends a price range for marketing the home.

  1. Quick Sell – circumstances dictate a fast sale.
  2. Higher Price – longer amount of time to sell.
  3. Target Price – highest possible price
    – Most favourable terms – Least amount of time
    – Minimal inconvenience
  • Show buyers other homes, which will convince the buyer that your home is the best one to buy.
  • Write a contract that is valid and binding.
  • Qualify the people who want to view your home.
  • Answer calls on your home at all house and get the caller to make an appointment to view your property.
  • Negotiate the eventual sale of your property without the possibility of personality clash in the face of negotiations.
  • Act as a stakeholder for the deposit when you have an acceptable offer, thus protecting your interests.
  • Attract potential buyers, both through advertising and Multiple Listings Service (MLS®)

The length of time it takes to market a house will vary.

Some properties will sell in just a few days, others may require several months. Following are the six factors that influence the time it takes to sell a property:

Every home buyer makes their decision about which home to buy and how much it is worth in comparison to other choices at the time they buy. The supply of other choices the buyer will compare with your home is constantly changing, week-by-week, and month-by-month. The current competition always affects the buyer’s opinion of your property and what he thinks it is work. So, the question is: What will be the buyers choice at the time they are shown your property.

1. Price

If the property has not sold after a reasonable length of time, and other similar homes have sold, the price may need to be reduced. If it is true that the house is overpriced and the price is not reduced, a sale may be delayed or prevented.

2. Property

If the property should show poorly or have major defects which cannot be, or are not corrected, a sale may not occur until the defects are corrected or the price is adjusted to compensate for them.

3. Financing

The current cost of mortgage financing plays an important role in affordability to most prospective buyers. If these costs are too high, the financing may cause a delay or prevent a sale.

4. Timing

Timing is the condition of the Real Estate market at the time of the sale. Supply and demand are the factors influencing whether it is a “Seller’s” or “Buyer’s” market. Neither the seller nor Royal LePage Atlantic can change the market condition at the time the property is for sale. It must be accepted for what it is.

5. Marketing

At Royal LePage Atlantic, marketing techniques are being constantly tested and updated for the best results. However, even expert marketing has limitations because marketing cannot overcome any of the first five factors if they are out of balance and remain uncorrected. We will supply you with constant flow of information which will help you determine the marketability of your property.

How quickly your property sells will depend upon how you use the information we provide.

A Real Estate professional will act as an expert– as a third party; we are in a much better position to maintain the asking price. When you try to sell your own home, the buyer becomes your adversary. You might not know whether or not the buyer is qualified. How about your asking price? Is it too high... too low?

Our objectives for you:

  1. The best possible price
  2. The more favourable terms
  3. The shortest terms
  4. With the least inconveniences

Ashley`s extensive knowledge and experience in Real Estate provides her a unique view of the real estate market and market trends that she is able to share with her clients to help them make the best decisions for their needs and desires. With her honest nature and outgoing personality, and with over 13 years of experience in sales and customer service, she is sure that you will enjoy your Real Estate experience with her!

A long time resident of Pictou County, and in the recent years Halifax (where she plans on growing old!), Ashley sells residential homes, including new construction, and commercial properties in the Halifax Regional Municipality and surrounding areas, as well as areas in Pictou County.

Over the years Ashley has had the opportunity to volunteer with many great organizations and loves helping out others when she can. Ashley was the 2013 Committee Chair for the Annual Parker Street Food and Furniture Bank’s dinner (30th Anniversary), she has spent many hours fundraising for; fostering and helping homeless kitties, has donated her time to the Nova Scotia Hospital in previous years, along with many other organizations.

Ashley takes great pride and specializes in finding first time home buyers the right home for them in the quickest time possible under the best conditions. At Royal LePage Atlantic, we use the latest internet technologies to market and find homes at an expert level.

“For all of your real estate needs and dreams, call Ashley, she can help!”

  1. We know our business– we know the actual selling prices of comparable homes (your competition). We can advice you as to the best methods of enhancing certain features of your house to make it more attractive to prospective buyers.
  2. We know where to look for a buyer– By the advertising we will do on this house, we generate and qualify prospects.
  3. We know how to negotiate– As experienced third party, familiar with all aspects of Real Estate is the best qualified to negotiate a contract and to act as a mediator between Seller and Buyer.
  4. We know how to expedite– Our knowledge of finances enables me to speed up arrangements for financing.
  5. We work full time– When you hire me to sell your house, I will be on the job 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you employ me to sell your house you won’t have to worry about staying home in fear of missing a call.
  6. We know Real Estate law and Practice– Protecting your interest throughout the negotiations and the closing proceedings and avoiding any practices that might result in legal entanglements is part of my service for you.
  7. We guarantee our work– When your house is sold for the price and on the terms and conditions agreed upon by you; when you have received your cheque for the proceeds from the transaction; then, and only then do I get paid.
  • You have on property to show; today homes are purchased based on comparison.
  • The REALTOR® will recommend a price for property to sell at a fair market figure. The average owner overprices but eventually accepts a price far below market value.
  • REALTORS® understand the tastes and requirements of the buyer, and have firsthand knowledge of competitive values.
  • You hear conflicting suggestions form well-meaning friends; the REALTOR® has answers from experience.
  • You may spend money on improving your property; the REALTORS® experience can save you from needless expenses by identifying improvements that add the most value to the buyer.
  • The REALTOR® will enlist the services of fellow Real Estate salespeople, giving you the advantage of their entire local sales market.
  • The average prospect isn’t likely to freely admit his likes or dislikes to you, yet these must be brought out into the open.
  • The seller following up on showings maybe be interpreted as your anxiety to sell.
  • You may show your property to 100 would-be-buyers, spend your time, money and effort and finally pay a commission to a broker who property screens prospects.
  • The buyer is timed about discussing their financial status with you and you may be reluctant also
  • Most buyers seek the services of the reputable broker because the realize the pitfalls of direct negotiations.
  • The REALTOR® is trained to readily negotiate price with a buyer.
  • A seller’s personality may clash with the buyers, influencing the outcomes of the sale. A third party REALTOR® can diplomatically consummate the sale.
  • You may accept an insincere offer and then spend months, maybe in litigation to free your property just to put it back on the market.
  • A REALTOR® has the knowledge to write a contract that is guaranteed to be valid.
  • A seller may not have time to leave their job to help the buyer arrange his/her financing nor do you have expert knowledge of the current home market.

First impressions are lasting. The front door greets the prospect. Make sure that your house is fresh, clean and scrubbed looking! Keep lawn trimmed and edged, and the yard free of refuse. As well, keep walks, steps and driveways clear of snow or ice.

Decorate for a quick sale. Faded walls and word wood work reduce the appeal. Why try to tell the prospect how your home could look when you can show him by decorating? A quicker sale at a higher price will result.

Let the sunshine in. Open draperies and curtains and let the prospects see how cheerful your home can be. Dark rooms do not appeal.

Fix the faucet. Loose knobs, sticking doors and windows, warped cabinet drawers and other minor flaws detract from home value. Have them fixed.

From top to bottom. Display the full value of your attic, basement and other utility spaces by removing unnecessary articles. Brighten dark, dull basements by painting walls.

Safety first. Keep stairways clear. Avoid cluttered appearances & possible injuries.

Make closets look bigger. Neat well-organized closets show that the space is ample

Bathrooms help sell homes. Check and repair caulking in bathrooms and showers. Make the room sparkle.

Arrange bedrooms neatly. Remove excess furniture. Use attractive bedspreads and freshly laundered curtains.

Can you see the light? Illumination is like a welcome sign. The potential buyer will feel a glowing warmth when you turn on all your lights for an evening viewing.

Three’s a crowd. Avoid having too many present during viewings. The prospect will feel like an intruder and will hurry through the place.

Music is mellow. Turn off the television and have only soft music on the radio or stereo. Pets underfoot? Keep them out of the way, preferably out of the house.

Silence is golden. Be courteous, but don’t force conversation with the potential buyer. They want to inspect your house, not pay a social call.

Be it ever so humble. Never apologize for the appearance of your home; after all, it has been lived in. Let the trained salesperson answer any objections.

Why put the cart before the house? Trying to dispose of furniture and furnishing to the potential buyer before they have purchased the house often loses a sale.

A word to the wise– Don’t oversell. Your house will sell itself if it’s what the buyer is looking for.

Remember the Golden Rule: Treat your prospective buyer the way you would want to be treated if you were in their place. You will never go wrong.



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